Current medical best practice includes post operative physiotherapy care to improve pain, mobility, range of movement, balance and strength after surgery.


At PhysioLogix our physiotherapists are trained to provide an evidence based rehab program for a range of surgerical interventions. They will provide you with a tailor made rehab program in order to get the best possible outcome post surgery. 


If you are planning your surgery in the near future a prehabilitation program can be developed to maximise your recovery process so that you reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible following your surgery.


If you are aware that you will be requiring surgery you will benefit from scheduling a physiotherapy appointment as soon as you know the date of the surgery. Your Physiotherapist can help you with:


  • Improved recovery time post-surgery

  • Set individual goals and rehabilitation programs

  • Optimise strength gains and range of movement following surgery

  • Rehabilitate to your previouse level of function

  • Improve pain and comfort levels after surgery

  • Have regular review of your rehabilitatio program and progress to ensure any issues arrising from the surgery are addressed quickly