About PhysioLogix

PhysioLogix is your local North Perth and Malaga physiotherapy clinic. At PhysioLogix we provide a complete range of physiotherapy services that takes into account all aspects of regular day to day life. This enables us to provide physiotherapy services that are specific to you and your circumstances.


At PhysioLogix we believe that hands-on physiotherapy for immediate pain relief, when combined with exercise rehabilitation, gets the best outcomes for our clients. With both the North Perth and Malaga branches open 7 days a week until 7pm weekdays and 3pm weekends, there is always time available to schedule an appointments and get back on the road to recovery.It is the aim of everyone at PhysioLogix to improve your quality of life and surpass your expectations as we take you through your rehabilitation journey.  


The team at PhysioLogix are dedicated to operating ethically, openly and with integrity. We are inspired to provide excellent patient care. Our team have a passion for people and have made a commitment to a lifelong journey of learning. There is always room for  innovation, professional and personal development at PhysioLogix. 

 North Perth + Malaga Physio

Open 7 Days a Week

North Perth


326 Fitzgerald St,

North Perth, 6006



1966 Beach Rd

Malaga, 6090

Ph 045 007 5955

Email: myphysiologix@outlook.com