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​At PhysioLogix our physiotherapists perform a range of assessments to determine if posture,  range of  joint movement and/or muscle strength/flexibility are negatively impacting the way people move, their body mechanics or day to day activities.


In addition to the physical assessment, our physiotherapists will talk at length with their client to ensure that the primary cause of the problem is identified and corrected. At the conclusion of the assessment session an individualised home exercise program will be provided to expedite your recovery


​This type of treatment involves hands-on physical therapy. This includes a range of soft tissue and joint mobiliation techniques. This plays a role in addressing any musculoskeletal deficits in muscle or joint range of movement. 


At PhysioLogix, our physiotherapists are qualified to determine if your joint is restricted or excessively mobile. This is important because joints and soft tissue  problems frequently play a major role in successful long term  treatment outcomes. They should always be considered in the diagnostic process. 


Current medical best practice includes post operative physiotherapy care to improve pain, mobility, range of movement, balance and strength after surgery.


At PhysioLogix our physiotherapists are trained to provide evidence based rehabilitation for a range of surgerical interventions. They will provide you with a tailor made rehabilitation program in order to get the best possible outcome post surgery. 


This is an effective evidence based  technique used by physiotherapists to manage pain. It is also  an  extremely effective tool in treating acute and chronic injuries. 


At PhysioLogix our physiotherapists have specialist training in dry needling. They can assess the body to determine the locaiton of trigger points which cause referred pain. Once located, a fine needle is then advanced multiple times, with minimal discomfort , into the trigger point reducing pain, improving muscle activaiton and muscle length.  




At PhysioLogix we understand that lady luck is not always on your side and accidents happen. If you have been involved in a MVA  you can expect a thorough assessment from our physiotherapists,  manual physiotherapy intervention and a rehabilitation program to get you back on the road again.


If you feel lost and buried under insurance paperwork our physiotherapists are also able to provide you with advice on due process and the numerous ins-and-outs of MVA claims. 





Many people experience an injury whilst in the work place. At PhysioLogix we understand that every occupation has unique demands placed on the body and these can lead to  both acute and chronic injuries. 


If you have a Workers Compensation claim and require physiotherapy our  physiotherapists are able to provide a full verbal and physical assessment to determine your needs. They will develop and  assist you to complete a  full rehabilitation program with the aim of geting you back in the workforce



PhysioLogix is open 7 ​days a week with after hour appointments available up until 7:30pm most weekdays and 2pm Saturday and Sunday. If you need physiotherapy as soon as possible PhysioLogix will be able to fit you in. If you would like to know more click the link below