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PhysioLogix: Comprehensive Care for Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain Treatment

Understanding Upper Back Pain

The thoracic spine, commonly referred to as the mid- or upper-back, is the section of your spine located below the neck and above the lower back. Comprising 12 vertebrae stacked atop one another, it forms an attachment site for the ribs of the thoracic cage. Nerves emerging between each vertebrae pick up sensation around your upper back and chest and control vital muscles, including those used for breathing.

Can Physio Help with Upper Back Pain?

Absolutely! Upper back pain, whether felt as a pinch under the shoulder blade or a generalized ache, is a prevalent issue that physiotherapy can address effectively. At PhysioLogix, we provide both immediate pain relief and long-term strategies to manage and prevent recurrence.

Most upper back pain issues are straightforward to address. Manual mobilization combined with targeted stretching can offer immediate relief, often resolving the problem in days rather than weeks.

Common Symptoms of Upper Back Pain

If you suspect your upper back pain is linked to your costovertebral joints (rib joints), watch out for:

  • Pinching sensation felt under the shoulder blade

  • Pulling sensation in the upper back during upper body movement

  • Restricted back movement, especially when twisting or extending backward

  • Generalized ache over the upper back

  • Pain intensifying with deep breaths, sneezing, or coughing


What Causes Upper Back Pain?

Our increasingly sedentary lifestyles often lead to thoracic spine stiffness, especially in professions requiring prolonged sitting. When spinal joints become stiff, they can irritate, causing surrounding muscles to overwork. This results in pain over the middle or upper back, ribs, or even the chest. Common triggers include:

  • Excessive bending in various directions through the mid-back

  • Extended periods of poor posture at work or home

  • Manual labor with hands outstretched in front of the body

  • Repetitive sneezing and coughing


How PhysioLogix Treats Upper Back Pain

Each thoracic pain case is unique, necessitating individual assessment for targeted treatment. Our approach includes:

  • Joint mobilizations and manipulations

  • Massage

  • Range of motion and flexibility exercises

  • Strengthening exercises

  • Modifying daily activities to reduce spinal load


For those in sedentary jobs, we recommend regular thoracic mobility exercises to prevent potential issues.


Seek Expert Care at PhysioLogix

At PhysioLogix, we specialize in treating conditions like thoracic spine pain. Our blend of hands-on and exercise-based treatments ensures optimal recovery. Don't let upper back pain hold you back. Trust in our expertise to guide you on your journey to recovery. Book an appointment today or give us a call at 045 007 5955.

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