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Alan Mahmood

I’m Alan and I’m the Owner of CloudForm. I founded CloudForm with the idea to make amazing personalised massages the new norm. I’m passionate about helping people and relieving pain, tension and stress for all of the clients I see. I work hard, play harder and I’m a massage therapist with many different modalities and tools in my arsenal to get you feeling amazing every step of the way. I work with people to make their bodies & mind feel at ease, rejuvenated & replenished.

I have Several Years of Massage experience across a multitude of Massage Forms like Swedish, General Relaxation, Remedial, Deep Tissue and much much more. I have numerous certifications and loads of real world experience massaging a wide range of clients with different needs and preferences. I also practice as a counsellor and personal trainer.

My main goal for all of my clients is to ensure that you receive a thorough massage leaving your body completely pain and tension free while providing you the space to flourish mentally, physically and spiritually for days and weeks following.

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