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Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned gym junkie, our physiotherapists are able to provide you with a gym program to suit you. We understand that every individual places emphasis on different aspects of training and body development, however one of the greatest challenges in reaching your goals is to stay injury free. A trained physiotherapist has expertise in movement patterns and anatomy, muscle balance, safe progression and correct form. A tailor made gym program developed by one of our physiotherapists will help you to have an  injury free year and reach your fitness goals. At PhysioLogix you can expect the following types of gym programs:


  • Sports and performance

  • Strength based

  • Hypertrophy based

  • Plyometric


Exercise Rehabilitation for Back Pain
Stretching for back pain


Our sports physiotherapists place an emphasis on enabling you to reach your rehabilitation goals through the use of evidence based exercise programs and modalities to get you back on the sporting field. Through combining strength and conditioning programs and injury management strategies our physiotherapists can provide:


  • Improved range of movement and flexibility of the musculoskeletal system

  • Better mobility

  • Reduced muscle spasm and pain levels

  • Developed cardiovsacular and musculoskeletal system 

  • Greater balance and stability


Rugby - Lower Back Pain Injury Prevention


PhysioLogix's physiotherapists love to work with those of you who are sports enthusiasts. They also understand that one of the best ways to live well, work better and play to your potential is to not get hurt in the first place. Through our injury prevention program we can help you to minimise your risk of getting injured throughout the season. We can help with body mechanics, strength and conditioning and improving balance. Through our biomechanical corrections and exercise programs we will address your areas of concern to ensure this season is better than the last.​

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