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PhysioLogix is your local North Perth and Malaga physiotherapy clinic. Here at PhysioLogix we provide a complete range of services encompassing all facets of regular day to day life. This enables us to take a holistic approach to your rehabilitation journey. Each day our physiotherapists treat clients who present with issues ranging from back pain to shoulder pain to acute trauma and everything in between. We also deal with injuries you may have received at work and those from motor vehicle accidents. We work with people of all ages and backgrounds and welcome children to our practice.


It is the aim of everyone at PhysioLogix to improve your quality of life and surpass your expectations as we take you through your rehabilitation journey.  This is done through the provision of evidence based physiotherapy via both standard and innovative practice. When combined with the thorough anatomical knowledge of your physiotherapist, hands-on manual therapy and a customised home exercise program your specific needs are always met


The team at PhysioLogix are dedicated to operating ethically, openly and with integrity. We are inspired to provide excellent patient care. Our team have a passion for people and have made a commitment to a lifelong journey of learning. There is always room for  innovation, professional and personal development at PhysioLogix. 

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