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Patellofemoral Joint Pain Management - what a mouthful!

This is one of the most common knee problems that people experience on a day to day basis. It is characterised by pain experienced at the front of your knee. The causes of this issue may vary greatly from the way you move to muscle imbalances in one of the four muscles that make up your quadricep. The end result of these issues is the knee cap tracking in the wrong position causing pain.

If left untreated for a prolonged period of time the tracking of your kneecap in the wrong position can lead to early degenerative changes underneath the patella. So if someone is nagging you to get it looked at its better now than later.

The latest evdience based practice shows that people get the best results from a variety of interventions which include

- Patient education by placing an emphasis on active home exercise rehabilitation over passive treatment

- Quadricep and/or gluteal exercises

- Manual Therapy

- Pain relief taping by helping the knee cap track where it should be!

So rather than just letting your knee grind away, talk to your physiotherapist at PhysioLogix.


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