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Graded Activity with Chronic Low Back Pain

Chronic non-specific low back pain is responsible for 95% of low back pain. Chronic low back pain can be debilitating leading people to think that they need to "baby" their injury" which can in itself further cause problems. In an attempt to reduce the disability associated with chronic non-specific low back pain certain approaches have been recommended. The cognitive behavioural model is one of the most effective.

This intervention places an emphasis on how not only does the underlying pathology have an influence on pain, but also how people are interact with one another and in the community, how they think, their emotions and how they move. A graded activity program when combined with physiotherapy can help address these areas through reinforcing healthy physical and emotional behaviours.

A graded activity program aims to reduce pain and disability through addressing pain related fear, fear of movement and unhelpful beliefs and behaviours about back pain whilst also helping to correct other issues such as reduced endurance, strength and balanace.

As demonstrated in the following article both groups of individuals who took part in a graded exercise program in terms of pain, confidence and disability.

Remember to not let negative emotions get you down and walk away from back pain one step at a time.

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